Director / Editor

Coachella 2018 (On-Site Lead Editor)

Out here 🕶

On-site lead editor for both weekends. We would need to produce 2-3 videos everyday in the middle of the festival.

"It's a beautiful thing." 🎥: @benmullinkosson

Rest up

Creation comes alive

Get lost in the Sonora 🤘💛

Fuel up 🍽

See the sounds 🎥: @drew_heskett + @wildwildwestra 🎵: @odesza

"...we were part of that moment."

Another time and space in The Antarctic, powered by HP

Suiting up

Sneaking in with @alyshanewman

Lead Editor : Johnny Chang

2nd Editor : Ryan Dayhoff

Director : Ryan Westra and Drew Heskett